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How to start Toothbrushing of your kid ?

How to start Toothbrushing of your kid ?

Kids are not very fond of brushing their teeth in younger age and first step is always the toughest one. According to American Dental association Guidelines, tooth brushing should start as soon as first tooth appears in the mouth.

Initially parents are needed to clean their teeth by by cradling the head with one hand while using your free hand to wipe the baby’s mouth with a clean wet gauze or wet cloth. But, as age increase and they start to learn doing new activities, tooth brushing becomes an independent effort. Approximately at around 2-3 years of age, the training process begins.

It can be a bit of difficult and time taking job to teach them “how to brush”. It can become easier and fun, just by adding few measures while teaching them.

Here is a list of things that you can do to make your kid’s Brushing Fun :

Choose the Right toothbrushescola-eletrica-kids

Use a soft-bristled toothbrush designed for brushing child’s teeth.Let your child buy toothbrush of their own toothbrush. Your child will look forward to using the toothbrush of their choice.

You can make them choose from various cartoon designs of toothbrush ranging from sponge bob, dinosaurs, mickeymouse, barbie etc, which will convert brushing to play time.

If toy toothbrush or an electric toothbrush similar to yours has better prospects of winning your child over than you do, then by all means oblige.

6Choose the right toothpaste

Your Kid can have toothpaste temptation too, leading to swallowing of toothpaste.Make sure to teach them to spit during brushing. you can always go for flavoured toothpaste for kids.

Apply only a SMEAR of toothpaste on brush for children younger than 3 and a pea-sized amount for children 3 to 6 years. Feel free to indulge her tastes by letting her choose toothpaste that she can really get excited about. There are also many flavored toothpastes that taste great and make it fun to brush.


Think of creative ideas like either singing or playing a song for exact 2 minutes, to keep them engaged for that time or you can set a timer. Some toothbrushes play music for the amount of time a child should keep brushing

Brush with your Kid:

It can also be one of the motivating factor, as children see their parent as their role model and try to mimic. so, brushing with your kid can be a fun experience for them.

Draw a calendar:kids brushing

Draw a calendar of twice a day brushing for your kid using colorful  stickers. If they have any sibling, competition of maximum number of stickers on calendar can be done. This can become a motivating factor to fill the calender daily.time!

Visit the dentist

Make sure to visit PEDIATRIC DENTIST for your kid’s teeth. Regular and early checkup can prevent the dental problems before starting.

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