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Do sweets actually cause Tooth decay?

Do sweets actually cause Tooth decay?


One word which can make you remember all the tooth pain you had to bear. You can remember everybody telling you to” Avoid eating sweets as they can rot your teeth“.

But sugar itself isn’t the REAL CULPRIT behind tooth decay; main culprits are the type of sugars and bacteria in your cavity.

All type of sugars are not harmful to our teeth. But sticky sugars like éclairs, toffees, chocolates, sweetened syrups can keep on sticking to your teeth and can harm. But it has been observed that,if you eat wisely and maintain clean mouth, you can freely eat as many candies as you want.

How Tooth decay Starts:

Cavities are the defects or little hole in teeth, which mainly occur due to combine action of sugar with bacteria present in plaque on teeth. When you eat something sugary, the bacteria turns sugar sticking on tooth into an acid, this acid slowly destroys tooth surface.
 when this acid stays on tooth for long timece4c908f38a3025dd60a1312b8b6a565, slow destruction leads to tooth decay (Cavities).
The more frequently you eat sticky sugar,more will be the chances of tooth decay (cavities).

How Plaque Affect:

If you donot brush your teeth properly after eating, then plaque starts collecting on teeth and more plaque collects more harmful bacterias ,  which result in more acid formation and faster will be tooth decay.

How to Prevent:


  • If you remove all the plaque from your teeth by brushing properly, then amount of acid needed to start tooth destruction will not be collected on tooth. Hence, tooth decay can be prevented.
  • Also, the time duration for which sweet particle remains on your tooth increase the chances of decay. so, rinsing mouth after taking sweets is important. but, if you already have cavities or at high risk of tooth decay, then make sure to brush after meal.

    if you follow above instructions, then sweets will only be a Bliss of taste to Savour

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